Hashing It Out–On the Breaking of Bread

I’ve often wondered what would happen on a blog if someone gave a simple topic in a post and said, “let’s hash this out in the comments.”

Today I broke bread with a friend, a member of the local body.  I confessed that I need a bit of balance in my life, that I desperately desired respite in community.  I need accountability to peace.  He asked if I was finding an Acts 2:42 expression of faith.

“And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.”

Does this scripture work itself out in your community?  If so, how?  How does it bolster your spiritual life?

Hash it out in the comments (even if there are only 2 or 3 of you right now).

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4 Responses to Hashing It Out–On the Breaking of Bread

  1. I’ve so often read that verse and thought it as HOPE. I imagine they got together *daily* to break bread and pray and have fellowship and learn…can you envision being able to do that? It seems impossible, yet so lovely, that I hope, still.

    I am soul-scripture-enriched by community, and truly it’s not only the in person-local-community, because those are hard to create more than twice a week. We’re blessed to have a community of amazing people that totally memorize and can draw upon scripture during any conversation. I learn so much from them. Including the importance of memorizing.

    I do feel my own walk suffer when I miss either of those two (sometimes three) times we can gather with our community. Work, especially when you make peanuts and have to work even more to pile up enough peanuts, is so all encompassing. It’s hard to manage deadlines and the draw for community in my heart. But online community, the really good kind, can make up for the daily need in me. I’m so thankful for it.

    (for this place too. a rambling heart space.)

    Maybe I’m taking this too literal, but thanks for the place just the same.

    • sethhaines says:

      My friend, Mike, and I were talking about this very thing–the all encompassing nature of work. We are more connected than ever and it is difficult to find a rhythm, a natural pace to our spirituality. What if I made assembly with the body, even just a small portion of it, just as important as getting out the last email of the day. What if I lived my life differently, as if I were in training to “dissolve into Christ” in the next life (thanks for the book rec, Mike).

      I think online community can be a very important part of that training, although I’m not as well-versed in it as you and some others. That being said, when I was breaking bread yesterday and he was pouring scripture into me and reminding me that our true life is found on a different plane, I walked away much, much more balanced.

      I really want to figure out how to make that a priority.

  2. Matt Brock says:

    I don’t have this now, and haven’t really had it in about 2 years. Sometimes you go through phases, when you travel as often as we do, where you don’t find a community that you can fully dump yourself into. That was us in our last city. Then we moved, and then we moved again, and now we are just starting out in a new place where we know absolutely nobody. I am already loathing the ‘find a new church’ process and certain topics such as ‘the wife enjoys a more liturgical church these days and i don’t’ must be discussed in order to find what suits us. I don’t like being critical of churches, and deciding on one doesn’t mean i have to, but i never feel right about my reasonings for not just staying with wherever i try first…

    Needless to say, without a means to find these community members (….a solid church) we haven’t had the support or found ourselves able to be a community to others. Most of my wife’s friends in grad. school were younger, not interested in spirituality, and in a different place in life. They were great people, but not what we needed the most. It’s a lot of work settling in, especially when you aren’t sure if you are staying in one place very long. I long for what the scripture describes, but it fails to note the time and effort it takes to build that when you are starting with nothing.

    I get discouraged simply thinking about what it takes to get to that place. But, i have had it before and i know how great it can be. We could use prayer that we can find that soon. Online forums like this don’t feed me in the same way at all, i need face to face connections. The community we are in now has a lot of great people who are either not spiritual, or are tapped in to something i’d rather not become involved in. That is typical of an artsy community, but i’m finding it harder and harder these days to find like-minded people who are tired of the junk man has built religion into and just want to learn from Jesus. And isn’t Christianity supposed to be on the rise?

    • sethhaines says:


      Yep… yep… yep… I know what you mean about finding “like-minded people who are tire of the junk man has built religion into and just want to learn from Jesus.” I think that struggle goes all the way back to the day after Jesus died. It is not easy to leave behind the work of my hands sometimes. Sometimes I build a religious structure that is offensive to God, others, and even myself. We are all flawed in this regard, I think.

      I hope you’ll find something out there soon, even if it is just a few believers eating dinner and reading scripture every week or so. If you don’t, Amber and I may have to come visit you.

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