“Pause and Pray”

I have a friend who sends this text every Thursday.  It’s the first text of the “praying the hours,” a text chain wherein he encourages me to explore God operating in and through me. 

I’ve heard too many say, “we are too connected, too plugged in.” But I know one who uses this plugged-inness as a vehicle for a weekly call to worship, a gps device directing me to the heart of God operating in me.

You may have noticed my recent break from this space. Amber and I have experienced some loss and have had to tend to it. So, as we deal with the catchup and cleanup I ask you to

pause and pray.

Awaken to God operating in and through you today. Find his presence in the daily grind.

And be thankful.

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One Response to “Pause and Pray”

  1. greg says:

    I have some thoughts relating to this and ur moments of God bearing. if we find ourselves across from each other i’ll share more. until then we will ‘pause and pray’ cognizant of God with in.

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