God Willin’ And the Creek… There’s Always That.

Through the years I have learned
Some things worth the tellin’
And you’d be right in guessin’
That each and every lesson they were hard won

Can I come home for the summer?
I could slow down for a little while
Get back to loving each other
Leave all those long and lonesome miles behind.

Ray Lamontagne

There is something about this lyric, how he prized the hard won lessons like pearls.  Maybe there are too many swine in the audience.  Maybe I am one. Maybe he’s one.

There are some who understand the personality of art. I’m not sure I’m one of those people. If I were, maybe I’d opine less, treasure the hard won, and come home to quiet love a little more.

Amber, where are you? You help me talk less.

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