Ephesians 1:3-14

One week ago, I asked whether a group might be willing to participate in a collective reading of Ephesians 1. Many of you agreed, and we were able to compile this video.

The power of spoken scripture, especially when read by a broader community, impacted me more than I anticipated. Thank you, readers.

We’d like to keep building this project. If you would be willing to submit a short clip, please let me know in the comments. I’d love to round out a collective reading of Ephesians.

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24 Responses to Ephesians 1:3-14

  1. chills. what a great project and a neat picture of the many places and people scripture unites.

  2. love says:

    visiting from amber’s. i love this and would be happy to do a reading.

  3. Stacey Guyse Brednich says:

    Very cool…would love to read!

  4. Arianne says:

    Love how it turned out!! In my mind’s eye I already told you I wanted to participate – clearly I never actually said that. Doh. I’d love to do it if you still have space.

  5. Hey Seth. That was so cool. What a neat way to memorize that passage– love the Word becoming real, in so many different spaces.

    I’m totally in, if you still have spots. Just lemme know what to read. 🙂

  6. Happy to help…just no big words in my verse please. 🙂

  7. deidra says:

    Very cool. Do you need another reader? You can count me in…

  8. Nish says:

    This turned out awesome, Seth. Well done!

  9. I LOVE this Seth and Amber. Oh man, let’s totally do a whole book! Wanna come write a guest post about it on (in)courage and and we could have a linky sign up for verses? And then post the video in time for Easter?

    Just thinking out loud. It’s late and I’m very pregnant, but the sound of a community all doing a reading together – well, that’s worth staying up for to dream about.


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