To the Subscribers

I wanted to take a quick minute to thank those of you who subscribe to my blog.  I see your comings and goings, sometimes check your blogs or projects.  It’s an interesting place, this cyberspace.  Full of crazy photobooth art, life artists, and lemurs (or are those lemmings?).  Thanks for taking the time to click here.

Things around the site are about to get  more interesting.  Be looking for a quasi-permanent guest-poster on Fridays.  I’ll wait to announce the addition, but I’m fairly confident you’ll find some real gold in his/her words.  I’m excited.

If you feel you have something to add to the conversation around here, let me know.  I’d love to fill some days with other guests.  After all, I did subtitle my blog: the collective.  Monologue is fun, sure.  But dialogue is much more rewarding, I think.

Thanks again for stopping by, and special thanks to the subscribers.  Y’all make this place much more interesting.

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13 Responses to To the Subscribers

  1. Aww, shucks! Be still my beating heart. 😉

  2. the suspense is killin’ me.

    i think they’re lemmings. the kind that follow each other into the sea. or maybe meerkats. i’m really not sure :).

    love this space. thanks for being such a great host. i feel like there are always cookies out when i arrive.

    • sethhaines says:

      Cookies? Maybe more like super-manly dumbbells, or unlimited PPV Boxing matches? I’m tough.

      Seriously, thanks for contributing here, Abby. Your take on Frank is incredible. As an aside, do you actually feel like he’s a real person yet? Yesterday I saw someone at lunch that I swear was him. I think I might be going a little crazy.

  3. Matt Brock says:

    He was eating fried pork-chops, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans and a buttermilk biscuit, just like the ones Mamma used to… crap there i go again. I definitely feel like he’s real. I see shades of him in people i see about everyday.

    ps. to seth… i’m building the photo-booth frame this weekend…


  4. Arianne says:

    I just pretended I was in on this conversation even though I didn’t say anything. But now you’ve given a pregnant woman who is too sick to cook some epic biscuit cravings. Cruel.

    • sethhaines says:

      Oh my… I’m sorry. Epic biscuit cravings?!? You should write some pouretry on your blog about that. Or just bring your people to this side of the Mississippi and Amber’ll make some for you. Stop in Asheville and pick up Brock on your way.

      • Arianne says:

        As long as Brock doesn’t mind the third row in the back of the van, where his only companion will be a 6 year old with a penchant for questioning (everything).

      • sethhaines says:

        Oh… you mean as long as your son doesn’t mind the third row in the back of the van, where his only companion will be a 30 year old version of himself?

        No, I do not think Brock will mind one little bit. The Baker is a friend of children.

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