Pride (Part II) and the Cure for my Spiritual Laryngitis

In essence, Jesus was saying, ‘Do not worry about being of use to others; simply believe on Me.’ In other words, pay attention to the Source, and out of you ‘will flow rivers of living water.’
Oswald Chambers, My Utmost For His Highest.

‘I determine to know nothing among you but Christ and Him crucified’ just sounds so cliché. [But] when the point was done being made [Paul] made sure it got back to Jesus.
John Ray.

Transformative words if I could sit still long enough to listen.

We have been raised on a steady diet of op-ed commentary on reality religion.* We have been told that our opinions can “change the world,” that we should contribute our voices to the elevated issue of the day. We’ve been taught that success is evidenced by documentary rights, book deals, or at least the ability to apologetically dominate a debate. But all my talking is making me hoarse, and the clamouring chatter of the “believers” is making me deaf. Too often, I miss the Christ in my “Christian Service.”

“Pay attention to the source,” says Ozzie.

Jesus was a radical, I’m pretty sure of that. But I don’t remember him burning flags, bras, or abortion clinics. His message wasn’t all gentle, but it was focused. He was love and mercy to those who needed it, a well-timed rebuke to the walking crypts of the religious establishment. He was a seeming contradiction, speaking both truth and mercy to the prostitute but standing silent before accusers.

“Know nothing among you but Christ,” he says.

In these spaces where we have been so programmed to walk, how do we emulate Christ more fully? How does his life affect our grace, mercy, and love (and rebuke). How does it affect our work, our projects, our family life? How does it affect the way we “do” church, our social justice works, our missions movements?

It’s about time for me to stop writing on this subject for a bit.  To sit and listen.  Again, irony runs thick here.

*As an aside, I think The Real Housewives of the Southern Baptist Convention would be a killer show.

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4 Responses to Pride (Part II) and the Cure for my Spiritual Laryngitis

  1. Oh, I feel the tension of this. You’re touching on something here (first paragraph more specifically) that has been a deep wrestling for me in the last few months – especially since my personal immersion into the bubble of blogging.

    Thoughts, ideas, opinion . . . the inboxes crowd. Can our souls sustain ALL the noise?

    There’s more here, but my time for the moment has run out – homeschooling calling.


  2. J. Ray says:

    Jesus did sure enough trash the Temple a time or two. But even that was to clear the clutter for people to see the Father, not to “make a point” but to make a way.

  3. Mandy says:

    you have the gears in my head turning. i have always known there is something to this pride thing, I’m just not sure I ever realized how big a deal it is. Or, as you say, how chameleon like it truly is.

    • Seth says:

      Sneaky chameleon, no? It’s a big deal in my life. I feel like it chokes me sometimes, kinda like that 3 meat BBQ sandwhich J Ray and I ate today.

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