She’s Back


I love my wife. She can spin prosetry like none other.  She’s taken a writing break to grow and birth a baby, but today she rose early, stole my laptop, and got back on the horse.

Man can she ride.

“Now I know that – in my swaying hips, the way my neck held on to my bobbing head and how my eyes stayed in their sockets when they wanted to roll out, how it took the full strength of humankind to not push, to merely breathe – I didn’t have to agree with the truth for the truth to be true. My body is amazing.”

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4 Responses to She’s Back

  1. Seth,

    You should commend me on my willpower. It’s taken every dose I have not to comment on the very noticeable double entendre in this post. Surely it didn’t escape you as you were writing it? Or, is it just my mind that is decidedly warped?


    • sethhaines says:

      See, here’s the thing.

      I innocently typed said sentence over my first cup of morning coffee (to the pure all things are pure and all). Then, Amber pointed out to me (like 8 hours later) that said sentence perhaps might have contained said double entendre. Thereafter, I was afeared of correcting said sentence thinking that I might be HIGHLIGHTING the fact that I had innocently posted such a baudy statement.

      You see my quandry?

      • Note to self: Never type anything OVER the first cup of morning coffee . . . Wait till it’s all the way drunk first. 😉

        Oh, but I do enjoy giving you a wee bit of ribbing.

  2. Oh wait, I just commented on it.


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