One or T’other – A Very Short Story

A short story inspired by Mark 4:12 (and surrounding verses)Other very short stories here.

Hank was dressed in orange.  He ordered a meal of refried beans, rice, and corn tortillas.  Ironic, since the murder of two Mexicans and a White boy near Attalla had landed him here in the first place.  Hank took the pen and paper and jotted a note to the White boy’s parents. “He was kerajus to the end. Hank.”  He finished his last bite of tortilla just as the chaplain arrived.  The chaplain told him that the kingdom of heaven was like a mustard seed.  Hank burped. Told the Chaplain that he reckoned it more like refried beans.  Or the courage of grade-school white boy near Attalla, one or t’other.  The chaplain said Hank would find out soon enough.

Visit A Deeper Story today, where Nish explores word economy in a less fictional way.  She shares some good thoughts today.

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