This Supper – A Matt Brock Song

When I started this blog, this is what I envisioned–my friends sharing their art.  None of us operate under the illusion that we were Almost Famous (yes, Kevin, a shameless movie reference), or that we will one day be break-out writers or musicians.  We don’t perform for comments or accolades.  We do it because we genuinely and truly and love it.

Matt Brock is sharing his latest communion piece with us.  I have been listening to this song for about two months now, and it has stuck with me.  Matt has a gift, the song-shining if you will (yes, Kevin, shameless movie reference #2).

Thanks for sharing this Matt.  It is a real blessing.

*Lyrics below

*This Supper
Verse 1:
The wine, the bread, oh my soul
A crown of splinters
the bread, the wine
We must remember

For you have shown us who you are
There is no denying on the cross, that spectacle of shame,
You came to heal the dying
And they crucified my king

Victory in the cup,
The loaf is torn, the feast abounds
Victory in this supper you have given out

Verse 2:
The darkness in that garden grove, breaks my soul
the way he suffered
Three days passed the stone was shattered
Bless my soul
An empty tomb filled with glory

The Lord said, prepare a table for us
And let me in
This is the covenant of
The sweet forgiveness of sins

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9 Responses to This Supper – A Matt Brock Song

  1. hamster says:

    Matt Brock kills it! I like to hear the man sing.

    When will Brock and Seth do some duets? I want them two voices on one track.

  2. Squeezes my heart. I miss the Brockersnots.

    Does Matt not have the most beautiful voice? I miss you two together too.

    That weekend we had, all of us almost three years ago, I had no idea how sweetly I would look back at it and wish for it again.

  3. Matt Brock says:

    ha! that was written by Seth, and he couldn’t get the music of another song out of his head, so he asked me to see if i could put music to it. So, i put a riff together and we worked it out over a sixer. My enunciation isn’t great, but i like the imagery of us being crushed into a twisted heap, only to rely on God. The best part about this, and what makes me laugh still, is that the first time through the musical bridge, Seth started singing, “the Never-ending Story, na na na, na na na, na na na…” I about urinated all over myself. We actually refer to that song as “The never-ending story song” now. I so miss that stuff.

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