Gongs and Cymbals, Donuts and Damnation

We are growing loud again, the sing-song clanging gongs and cymbals.  The braggarts and banditos have robbed the beggars of dignity and it’s worrisome.  We’ve forgotten the solemnity of the widow’s mite.

If we were created for love, then should we pronounce our exploits from the roof?  Should we use the poor for a good story?  Should we proclaim the virtues in giving a homeless man a donut?

Let them eat cake, we say.

The internet is such an interesting place.

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6 Responses to Gongs and Cymbals, Donuts and Damnation

  1. Wow. Powerful. Thank you for the honest, and quite challenging words.

  2. chadly says:

    There are virtues in giving a homeless man a doughnut?

    • sethhaines says:


      No… not really. There are many development principals we could discuss here. Simply put, we’d be enraged if people did this anywhere other than America and called it “good.”

      Like it when you pop in here.

  3. Chris Thornton says:

    I must say I have been thinking about the giving of doughnuts to the homeless since our lunch last week my friend. I can only imagine standing in the bush on the dirt roads of Jinja Uganda and handing an orphan who is head of his household a dozen doughnuts and encouraging him to go feed his family of brothers and sisters while my picture is taken and posted on the interest and I am called a saint. May God vomit me out of His mouth for my clanging gong and ringing cymbal of self righteousness. Thanks for sharing the thoughts. Peace, Topher

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