There are stories from Ethiopia that I can’t tell.  I wish I could, and maybe if we were all sitting at a long dinner table, I would.  But there are some stories best not posted on the world wide web.  Some stories just deserve a dinner table, or a fireplace, perhaps a round of good drinks. 

This morning, I’ll refrain from story telling.  Instead, I’ll let you piece together your own.  The warrior pastorlist with the kalishnikov; the orphan’s mirindi smile; the street kid in the tire swing.  All people of different circumstance.  All people filled with joy. 

They are good people

 I am glad to be home.  But I will miss their faces.

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5 Responses to Faces

  1. Amber says:

    i’m so glad we share the same table always.

  2. Lovely, Seth. What beautiful faces. Maybe we’ll get a story on the round-up (what is it you call that thing you do – the conversation? the connection?)??

  3. Jayme Walker says:

    We need a dinner date

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