The Death of Death

“The Christian Story of the death and Resurrection of Jesus…. Here is the
God who saves us from the arrogance of worshipping ourselves, and, by
having shared in our humanity, makes us glorious at the same time.”
~Joan Chittister, The Liturgical Year

My grandfather used to call me every Easter morning, used to boom through the telephone receiver, “He has risen!”  It was his favorite holiday, the one adorned with khaki suits, bucks, ladies’ hats, and the purple sash of eternal royalty.  More than that, it was a celebration of life.

I eulogized my grandfather two years ago.  As I finished the last of the official words that would be spoken of his life, I put fist to the podium, and with tears in my eye I pounded, “oh death, where is your sting?”

Tomorrow grandpa will rejoice with the Life Eternal and the heirs in the other world, our future home.  We’ll rejoice in the empty tomb, the hope of forever.  Us and them, we’ll be united, and we’ll dissolve into the fullness of the resurrected Christ, the great mystery of the death of death.

Easter–this is the story that has chosen me.

Death In His Grave Performance from Christopher & Nathaniel Calnin on Vimeo.

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9 Responses to The Death of Death

  1. Dang. That was a right fine song. It had my heart doing leaps and other crazy stuff.

    A very blessed Deliverance Day to you and the fam, Seth.


  2. tcurtice says:

    Are we singing this tomorrow?

  3. Sue sue says:

    Oh, Seth…
    He is risen!

  4. antarabesque says:

    Alleluia! He is Risen! I’m borrowing your last sentence to open worship this morning (with a small change in pronouns). A most joyfilled and blessed day to you!

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