Conversations with Ourselves: Seth Haines [Part 1]

Preston Yancey (the man, the myth, the legend) created a guest series at his blog entitled Conversations with Ourselves.  In this series, contributors addresses the Past Self through the Present or vice versa (or sometimes not this at all, but instead something equally cool) concerning matters of Faith, specifically.  Today, I share part one of my conversation.  I hope you’ll join me tomorrow at Preston’s place for part two.


The baristas pull espresso drinks and the steaming of the milk is better than white noise. This is the local dive, the place where students come to study for finals, and tonight it’s full of grad students. There is tension hanging, and not much laughter. A singular working stiff patrons Arsaga’s tonight and I’m trying my best to ignore him.

He is not extending the same courtesy.

“At some point you’re gonna have to exhale because holding that much rancid air is going to kill you.” He says this without prompting, with an intimidating certainty.

Continue reading at Deeper Story.

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