The Light We Need to See Everyone In

It was a warm west-Tennessee day.

The humidity beaded on my brow, so I pulled the ball cap from my head and wiped away the sweat. There was a row of green pole beans laced with purple striations.  I was in Stratham’s field.

“Rattlesnake beans,” he said.  ”At least, that’s what mama used to call them on account of the fact that rattlesnakes shaded under the thick lower foliage.  That, and when they dry on the vine…”


I have the distinct privilege of writing over at Ann Voskamp’s place today. The Haines family feels blessed to know Ann as a good prayer, a timely word, and a gentle (but strong) soul. Would you join me, and continue reading there?

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15 Responses to The Light We Need to See Everyone In

  1. Read you at Ann’s and then hopped over here. Beautiful. Such tender story-telling. Glad my eyes and my heart got a hold of your words today.

  2. Georgi says:

    Beautiful, Seth.

    “…family ought to see a man less for what he is, and more for what the man wants to be. Said that’s called grace. I reckon he’s right.“

    “Once you fall apart, things just look different, I guess. We all need folks who see the ‘could be’ or the ‘want to’ in us. We all need grace. We all need Jesus, friend of harlots. And I want to be that kind of friend, too.”

    I’ve experienced things falling apart, but am so thankful for those who extended grace, as well as the new vision I acquired. Thanks for these words. Praying for your little one.

  3. Oh Seth, I love this so much. Thank you.

  4. Erin says:

    Loved this.

  5. Danelle says:

    The best definition of grace I’ve read. Really beautiful words here. And please know that your family is in my prayers.

  6. Jody Collins says:

    Seth–two things. It is still 27th where I am (Seattle) and I read your blogpost via Ann V’s place today. And I read your wife Amber’s. And of course I’m crying. I have 5 grandchildren and the first two had eating issues–certainly not as extensive as your little Titus’ but I still feel the pain when I think of the way they cried.
    But it’s nothing like what you’re going through–so–you are all in our prayers.
    In a crazy, quirky note–I did a blog forwarding thing (just so ya know). I’m a regular reader and fan of Margaret Roach–gardener extraordinaire and she posted something yesterday about rattlesnake beans. Two rattlesnake bean posts in two days. AND she has a book coming out called Parables from the Garden…but she’s pretty open about not believing in Anything.
    I sent her the link to your bean post anyway, with a short kind note. Hope you don’t mind. you just never know what Jesus might do.

    and, for the record……….my post today was about staying thirsty. Jesus, make it so!

  7. jcnoel says:

    Seth, It is early morning in southern Ohio and I checked email before doing my bible reading and was blessed to find this beautiful piece at Ann’s site. I too have been “marked by the tenderness of the penitent” and showered with His healing grace. Thank you sharing Stratham’s wisdom with others. Some of us know exactly what he is speaking about and are so thankful for the Potter’s hands that are continually restoring.

  8. Jan says:

    Could you please tell me the real name of these beans because my aunt has been growing them for 57 years in her backyard and has forgotten the name. She has been saving and replanting the seeds each year and I think they look like Dragon’s tongue but I believe those are bush beans. Thank you for your post saying we all need Jesus, friend of harlots. Just been learning, after 30 years of being a Christian, what real grace is.

    • sethhaines says:

      I only know them as “Rattlesnake Beans.” I think you can find seed packets online if you just search for the term. I wish I knew a more specific name for you, but PLEASE let me know if you find them.

      Thanks for stopping in here.

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