The Sunday List~What to Read in a Drought

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Sunday is a good day to slow down and take in a few words. What did you read this week? Here’s my Sunday List.


This morning I am in a cold hospital room with my wife and youngest son (background at Amber’s). It’s 7:00. The sun is rising out the window and I can see it’s reflection against the building across the alley. There are moments of clarity in the quiet. John Blase jump-started one with this piece

Ann Voskamp discusses prayer and hope in dry days. She writes:

A man can watch the sky like a plea.
“And we didn’t get nothing — not one drop.”

I’ve been watching the sky like a plea, and I feel like we’re seeing clouds accumulate. Maybe there’s water up there. Ann puts words to our position, and she does it well.

Speaking of prayer, I’ve been thinking of C.S. Lewis’ grand (if not too short) essay, “The Efficacy of Prayer.” His conclusion may be surprising, and it might help make clear some of Voskamp’s message. See supra. You can find his conclusion here.

I’m still finishing the July Harper’s. That’s all I’ll say about that. If’n you ain’t got it yet, go and git it.

On the book front, a dear friend came to visit yesterday bearing gifts. Among those gifts was Wendell Berry’s Andy Catlett, Early Travels. Amber and I have been reading it out loud. We’ve laughed. David Jackson, you are a good man. You know our flavors


Thank all of you for continuing to pray for Titus. You are a grand and colourful lot of people. And, by the way, that “u” is for a few of my Canadian friends who continue to pray for us. I’ll root for your folks in the Olympics.

Now, what are you reading this weekend?

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5 Responses to The Sunday List~What to Read in a Drought

  1. Continuing to pray for your little guy and your family. For wisdom and guidance for the physicians. For your rest and peace, strength and comforts.

    In Jesus’ name!


    • sethhaines says:


      Thank you so much. The prayers keep us going… Really. Words keep us sane. You and all the others out there are doing the good work of “church” for us. We are so grateful.

  2. hamster says:

    Seth and Amber – I just finished a book yesterday that reeks of what you guys are about. Tobias Wolff’s OLD SCHOOL explores the world of writing and writers through the story of a writing contest at a boy’s prep school in 1960. At first you think it’s all about writer’s and writing, but then you realize the book is actually about honor and humility and having mercy with one’s self enough to tell the truth up front, or to never hide the truth of one’s self in the first place. I couldn’t help thinking towards the end of the book of the time Johnny Cash told Merle Haggard, who was fresh out of prison for murder, something along the lines of “Come clean with it immediately, and they’ll have nothing on you.” Merle Haggard said he never hid the fact that he’d been in prison, or that his stint was for murder, and no one ever caused a stink about it because he’d defused it all in the beginning. There’s some of that kinda story in this book. Also, the final line to the book is so beautiful, so true, that slammed shut the book and slapped it hard on the couch beside me. Very few books end on the note of perfect parable, but Wolff, of all people, sure did it.

  3. kconwayireton says:

    Seth, I left a comment over on Amber’s post from Friday, but I wanted to let you know, too, that I am praying for you–for strength and peace for you and Amber, for a speedy diagnosis and healing for Titus. His name is on my prayer window, so I am reminded to pray for y’all whenever I’m at the kitchen sink (which is a lot more often than you might think).

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