The Goodness of God (A Song)

I was called a man of faith not too long ago, and it seemed ironic to me in the moment. Lately, faith is hard.

When I was a child, I recited my mass responses in a sing-song manner–“I believe that I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” In those days, it seemed little more than a repetitive practice perpetuated by the Sisters of Mercy, nuns who struck the fear of Christ in the fourth-grade hearts of the non-participating. Some might say this kind of rote memorization is little more than manipulative programming; others might say it is training up a child in the way he should go. I’m not sure about either of those sentiments, but I have come to find the words of Psalm 27 in the granaries of my memory lately, and they have been a comfort.

It’s been a long five months. We’ve been through the ups and downs of raising a sick child and there are days when I go back to the Psalms to remind myself of the goodness of God. It is a constant effort to recall the truth, to speak it to myself even when the easiest notions of God trend more toward agnosticism or deism. It’s a constant effort to remember the power of the Gospel–that Christ is all-sufficient.

I’ve written this piece as a reminder. It’s simple, much the way my faith feels these days.

*Amber is sharing a brief Titus update at her site for those of you who are following along.

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25 Responses to The Goodness of God (A Song)

  1. eil1een says:

    This is beautiful. Simple faith. Amazing what God can do with that.

  2. Gift, what an offering. Thank you for not keeping your gifts hidden and covered up. Your unfurling and sharing are received. And I say thank you, Seth.

  3. sethhaines says:

    Lyrics for those of you interested:

    Your loving kindness is sweetness to me
    Your grace like the rivers that run to the deep
    Your peace stretched wide as eternity
    Your goodness, God.

    Your healing real, as the prayers of the saints
    Your sympathies rise like the breaking of day
    Your temperance gentle as evening rains
    Your goodness, God.

    You aren’t confused by the days of our sorrows
    By sorrow you showed us your love.
    Your mercies are new in the morning,
    Your mercies will come.

    We rest in the kindness, the grace, and
    The peace of your goodness God

  4. Could it be that music is the anchor for our battered and weary souls? We rage, we doubt, we question. But then the guitar starts to play and, like King Saul, the strumming silences the demons around us and comforts us with holy truth. We need to be reminded.

    This is beautiful and true, Seth. I just had myself a little church here in front of my computer. I would buy a copy of that if you could make the technology gods work for you.

  5. donnazf says:

    Seth… tender words, tender song, tender heart. I know something of the pain that visits when a child is sick and struggling and I want to thank you so much for sharing your song and this groundedness you have found. My favorite line? “You aren’t confused by the days of our sorrows”. Wishing blessings on you and your family… and little Titus.

    • sethhaines says:

      These are the things I cling to. A good buddy told me that God is not surprised by all of this and I thought… “yeah… I’m going to put that in a song.”

      Thanks for your words.

  6. tcurtice says:

    thank you, dear friend. simply thank you.

  7. Seth,

    We dearly miss communion with you guys on a weekly basis. Seeing you guys walk through these last few months has been hard on so many levels, and yet I see your face (or half of it. :)) in this video and remember the sweet hearts of my dear friends. Seth, I am proud of you and Amber for loving Jesus. I’m proud of you for remembering that God is good when everything is broken. We just really, really love you guys, and the writing that comes from your hearts and hands.

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  9. The Mr. Austin Morrison and I were before-bed chatting a few weeks back and I don’t remember all the in and outs of our conversation, but we came to this point of praying for Titus and when the supplication was said and done Austin told me that for some reason he couldn’t understand he had this burning to be with you in real life someday. You see? Your story is being embedded into hearts all across the land and it matters so mightily. We all gasp for the God who comes bursting from your skin.

    We love y’all more then can be defined by Webster and all alphabetical words.

    Erika (and Austin)

    In other news: Have you listened to “Set A Fire” by Will Reagan and United Pursuit? GAH!!!!!

    • sethhaines says:


      I hope to play with The Mr. Austin Morrison some day. I hope that we can sit and talk about the good and the hard of life, and we can reduce it all to a formula of just enough. And in that vein, I hope to make it up to the NYC at some point again in the not so far future (but no plans to at the present).

      You all are holding down the great Northeast. I like that about y’all.

      In other responses: I love Will Reagan but can’t rightly say I recall this one at present. Will look it up soon.

  10. In sorrow, you showed us your love. And you are his disciple in that. Bless you all, Seth. Kiss that wee boy for us.

  11. Thank you for this beauty, Seth. And for sharing your heart and for wanting to come to ground, even in the middle of all this worry and sorrow and letting go for your littlest one. (and I gotta say, that dance video was the best thing I saw anywhere on the interwebs all week long!) And thank you for the lyrics. I am saving them in my ever-growing document of memorable words and will read them with gratitude for you and Amber and your family.

    • sethhaines says:

      Ah… the dance video! Hilarious, wasn’t it!!! I love that little guy.

      Thanks for the words on the song. I hope they keep working on us all over the days.

      Thanks for coming around these parts, D. It’s good to see you.

  12. Winn Collier says:

    Thank you.

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