In Ink (the fine print)


If you want… make the connection with the above and the below. (Thanks to Mike Rusch for the video reference.)

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5 Responses to In Ink (the fine print)

  1. Donna says:

    Yes. Exzctly. See… I ddin’t fix that. Or that. ;0) I have thought about this, but have never written it (in ink)… never written about how the ability to correct and fix before anyone ever sees what i do is feeding my perfectionist neurotic…. my odc-ish inner self… and they become empowered by this. (I went back an added -ish to ocd but in good con… conscience can;t not confess considering this top ic is what it si. Hmmm…. I am going t hit submit and show you all the rawness in some sort of cyber ink but it isn’t the same.

  2. Interesting idea, Seth. But then again, my aging fingers will type relatively well (though I couldn’t spell relatively just now to save my life – second time, it came out perfect, go figure). But they will not write legibly in long hand at all. Even I can’t read my scribbles. If I could print like you do and have it be a.) legible and b.) pain-free, then I would do it. But….it is not to be.

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