Ah, yes… This is Powerful Stuff.

8c1f33812bc4af9875bcdfbe4279472eIt could have turned out different, I guess. Truth is, Amber and I almost called it quits twice in college. In fact, while we were engaged, we broke up for about fifteen minutes. I’d tell you the whys of that particular split, but it’d be too long, and boring, and probably a bit embarrassing.

After a spell, I looked at Amber and said, “did we just break up?”

She looked at me. “Yes, I think so.”

I thought for a moment, gathered my breath. “That’s stupid. You want to get back together?”

We sat on the couch, laughed, and she said, “yes.”

“That’s good,” I said. “I’m not sure what I’d do if you’d said no.”

It took us a while to shake these wandering ways, the creeping notions that we might be better off alone. We carried wayward hearts into marriage, allowed them to be the devil on our shoulders, to threaten our vows, even. But the truth is powerful, and the truth is, all the wild horses in Montana couldn’t drag us away from each other.

Ah yes, this is powerful stuff.

Last night, Preston Yancey commented a bit about his hope for a good love. I’ve been thinking about that, this being Valentine’s Day and all. Good love doesn’t come easy, and the process of becoming one is a painful refinement. I’ve never seen it play out any other way. But in that refinement, there’s joy–faith and hope, too. (Not to mention children, and one day grandchildren, Lord willing.) And more than that, there’s the working out of a grand metaphor.

But I’ll leave that one for you to untangle.

Amber’s away today, visiting her old stomping grounds to attend to some family business. I miss her something awful. I’ve abused this song lately, but if there’s one thing our refining process has taught me, it’s that the sun could fade, and… well… you know. Happy Valentine’s, Amber!

If you have some time today, might I suggest that you read a good love story? I mean, a really good one? (And yes, I might be biased.) Visit Amber’s “Love Songs,” series

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6 Responses to Ah, yes… This is Powerful Stuff.

  1. Courtney says:

    Love this. You two have endured. A reminder of what I’m waiting for and perceptive that’s not easy on either side.

  2. This brought up a memory of the time my wife and I broke up, at the end of the break up conversation she said, “But I still want to kiss you….” The rest is 16 years and 5 kids later……

  3. amberhaines says:

    Good grief, Seth. Thanks for loving me so good out in front of God and everybody.

    When I think about how we cried when we broke up, it makes me die laughing now! We were pitiful, and I think we probably still are pretty pitiful. I love you too.

  4. Sometimes, mostly really, I’m not sure whether to comment on the personal things you guys write each other. But it struck me tonight how you are about the only couple I know who live this shared strange existence in the Internet – putting your lives and your broken bits and pieces into poetry for the rest of us. Never hurting each other or us. And so I couldn’t not say a thank you. For living the example of love hard won and reminding that marriage is not the stuff of cowards and that we keep fighting for it all the way to the end.

    Thank you to both of you,
    Lisa-Jo (and Pete)

    • sethhaines says:

      Thanks, Lisa-Jo (and Pete).

      Sometimes, I wonder if maybe the way we talk about this stuff is too open. But then, I think that if we’re both going to write, if we’re going to be in this space, we might as well do it together and try to share something honest (much like you do in your own space). Hopefully, it gives a little encouragement to someone along the way.

      And yes… we’ll keep fighting to the end. Just like you two.

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