*Diary Date, April 30, 2013.*

The day they turned to eating each other started like any other. I was frying eggs in leftover bacon grease, allowing the white to crisp sepia around a perfectly sunshiny yolk. My toaster, which had a way of ashing bread beyond recognition, was finishing up a nice pair of shingle-like squares. I had forgotten to manually pop the toast prior to the occurrence of it’s Armageddon, and this oversight had led to the shrieking of the smoke detector, which sat directly above the television. I fanned the alarm, as if to calm the nerves of the old house, while simultaneously turning the dial to the old black and white, which I had rigged to receive cable.

The egg gave a blistering pop. I ignored it for the television. There, in highly contrasting bi-tones and lo-fi audio, stood two men, each holding the other’s opposing arm between gnawing teeth. Cannibalistic endeavors aside…

Want to read the rest of the this zombie/church cross-genre piece? Follow me over to A Deeper Church.

*Photo by Esparta. Used under Creative Commons license, via Flickr.

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