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Goat Herder’s Widow (a pantoum)

Goat Herder’s Widow Under the lightning struck thatch, a goat lies with smoking eyes streaking blood. Death on the cobbled porch running through a rain-stream live-wire. A goat lies with smoking eyes, shaking, trembling to thunder thud. Running through a … Continue reading

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As I considered material for our last purple poetry prompt, visions of Barney–that short-armed, purple, sing-songy dinosaur–haunted me. He, dancing in my mind’s eye, musing that classic children’s standard, “I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family.” “Shut … Continue reading

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On the Occasion of Mike’s 40th Birthday (or “Gather You Fires”)

There are band of good people that I know, and Mike Rusch is the chief among them. I’ve penned this for him, and them, on the occasion of his 40th birthday. I promised poetry this year. Here’s one of the … Continue reading

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Purple Plays (An Associative Poetry Prompt)

Our pigmentatious affectations seem lacking for the colors purple and indigo. Sure, Prince danced in a purple rain, but that was hardly cliché. Who’d ever heard of colored rain until the release of his 1984 album? There is also Violet … Continue reading

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