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Shorts exploring a Tap Room I once visited somewhere in North Carolina.

Miller’s Memories–a Tap Room Short.

Miller sits at the bar stool, half-nursed beer in hand and wears the bedraggled look of an executive. He pours over numbers while he waits. He’s heavy, carries corporate weight like a Pakistani rickshaw donkey. If you could strip him … Continue reading

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Tap Room — Second Fermentation (Part 2)

This is a continuation of a short story by my friend Kevin Still.  It feels real, and I’m enjoying his words.  Read part 1 here.  Good work on this Tap Room submission, Kevin (looking forward to the next couple of … Continue reading

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The Tap Room – Second Fermentation (Part 1)

Welcome Back to the Tap Room series.  Today, Kevin Still gives the Tap Room a little more depth, a little more character, and a little more edge.  I love what he’s done here with the characters, how he’s made this … Continue reading

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The Tap Room–On Ray

Welcome back to the Tap Room. We’re putting together a series of stories centering around a little community watering hole located somewhere in the Carolina Appalachians. Join us as we build the room and fill it with characters.  Click here … Continue reading

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