A link Matt Brock posted gave rise to this page. In the comments below, paste links to videos, music, visual art, or writings that are affecting you. The collective is a place to explore themes of faith so the only caveat is that the link needs to touch on faith, hopefully in a more than just passing fashion. I hope this page serves as a sort of library of ideas, a place where you can watch faith and art interact.

3 Responses to Links/Videos

  1. sethhaines says:

    I’ll start this off by leaving the song posted by Brock (a.k.a. “Brockstar”).

  2. sethhaines says:

    A video originally shared by Mason over at New Ways Forward.

  3. David Jackson says:

    I was lead to your site only today by a mutual friend. I am leaning in on your themes of loss and learning, something big there. I was pleased to discover my dear bro Matt B hidden here. It seems right that you two are traveling similar paths. Lord willing, I’ll be back here for more. Real peace is close. D

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