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Ah, yes… This is Powerful Stuff.

It could have turned out different, I guess. Truth is, Amber and I almost called it quits twice in college. In fact, while we were engaged, we broke up for about fifteen minutes. I’d tell you the whys of that … Continue reading

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A Good Love, Good Marriage Project

At my grandfather’s 75th birthday party, I met a cousin. Not a first cousin, mind you, but some distant one whose relation was so far removed that it was difficult for anyone to accurately indicate the branch of the family … Continue reading

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To Amber: on the morning in which you are to vacate

“I don’t know how to explain my own writing voice. It’s not a thing I can measure.” ~Amber Haines. You say that there aren’t ways to quantify your writing voice, that there are no measuring cups sufficient. It’s why you … Continue reading

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On Marriage (and Sexuality) – A New Survey

As you know, some time ago I posted this survey on marriage.  The questions were simple, relating mostly to the factors that coincided with the respondents perceived marital satisfaction. After receiving over 500 responses, predominantly from evangelical Christian women, I … Continue reading

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